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what is digihealth.club?

digihealth.club is an online marketplace for patient and carer insights and intelligence.

We empower our members (patients and carers) to confidentially share their experiences, knowledge and opinions about their health and conditions with our partners (healthcare organisations) and to be fairly paid for doing so.

We add value to our partners’ product innovations, medical education programmes and brand campaigns by uncovering key insights from patient and carer stories.

our process

We privately connect patient and carer stories, with healthcare
companies that are looking to gain insights.

Club member process

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    Sign up

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    Match with
    partner opportunities

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    Complete research

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    Get paid!

Partner process

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    Request insights

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    Match with

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    Gather intelligence

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    Intelligence report
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Our digihealth.club process helps answer critical questions around improving patient outcomes and medical education, developing disease awareness campaigns, or brand campaigns that really do put the patient at the heart of the thinking.


For club members, you’ll be paid each time you complete a research project that needs your insights. This could be as simple as responding to DigiZings, which are single questions posted by our partners, answering short questionnaires, taking part in focus groups, or even sharing your story over the phone.

Our members are important to us and should be rewarded as such, during the year our members will be rewarded for referring members to the club, and at the end of each year we will send an annual report and share a proportion of profits with all our members.

At the digihealth.club, when we say health is wealth, we really mean it!
  • Paid Virtual Research
  • Annual Dividends
  • Secure Data,
    Confidential Sharing

For our healthcare partners, we make it easy for you to understand the patient experience and collate the valuable insights you need to help you understand the feelings, frustrations, motivators and trends – in whatever therapy area you’re looking to uncover. The healthcare professionals may be your customers, but it is the well-being of, and outcomes for, your consumers that should be considered, as new innovations or communications are developed.

  • Access to a database
    of diverse patient groups
  • Valuable insights that drive product innovation and commercial success


Our club members get paid for:

  • Participating in research, such as surveys, interviews, focus groups, workshops, and DigiZings

  • Stories, data and insights that are used as part of an ongoing campaign

Our healthcare partners:

  • Gain valuable insights to support the development of awareness and educational programmes for their brands to drive commercial success

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